Outfit your hobby desk or bench with this complete, pro quality knife set. Blades are constructed with high quality carbon steel. The set comes complete with a range of blades, and includes three different weights of handles to make every tool appropriate for the job. All blades and handles are industry standard and are cross-compatible with items from other leading manufacturers, such as X-acto, Excel, Huron, Blick, and Fiskars.

  • 13 blades included:
    • 1 #25 curved carving blade;
    • 1 #17 light duty chisel blade;
    • 1 #18 heavy duty chisel blade;
    • 2 #24 medium duty deburring blades;
    • 2 #10 light duty general purpose blades;
    • 3 #11 light duty fine point blades;
    • 1 #16 light duty stencil etching blade;
    • 1 #2 medium duty fine point blade;
    • 1 #19 medium duty angled chisel blade
  • #1 light duty knife handle (compatible with X-acto A, Excel K1, and Huron #1 handles)
  • #2 medium duty knife handle (compatible with X-acto B, Excel K2, and Huron #2 handles)
  • #5 heavy duty knife handle (compatible with X-acto C, Excel K5 and K6, and Huron #5 handles)
  • Plastic carrying and storage case with clasps
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