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Crafters everywhere will appreciate this razor saw set. This precision tool is ideal for cutting wood, plastic, or soft metals. The industry standard heavy duty handle with aluminum collet can be used with a variety of blades, gouges, routers, and razor/pull saw blades.

  • 5.5" X 1.25" (139 X 31.7 mm)
  • 52 teeth per inch
  • #5 heavy duty knife handle (comparable with X-acto E, Excel K5, and Huron #5 handles)
  • For ages 12 and up
  • Item is compatible with: X-acto X75350; Excel 55001; Huron HASK6964; Hobbico / Revell RMXR6964; Zona 35050; K&S 295; Midwest 1168
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